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IASJ and Social Actions

The main focus of the IASJ is on jazz music, jazz education and jazz research. Also, the IASJ has partners and is member of organizations. Within these organizations the call for socail action of musicians is more and more heard and getting louder and louder. What should be the postion of the IASJ in this?

The M4CA the IMC and 'The New Immigrant Expereince' are calling for action.


Musicians for Climate Action (M4CA) is inviting musicians from across the world to join us in our effort to bring urgency, solidarity and the voice of the musician community worldwide to the fight for political action in addressing the climate emergency.

Since its inception, M4CA has engaged in Social Media campaigns, live events and has coordinated with major music festivals to bring urgency to the discussion of the environmental challenges we must address.On Tuesday, February 25th, we will be hosting a Social Media Flash Mob across the Social Media Platforms. In our previous such events we held in 2019, hundreds of videos made by musicians and musical groups were shared on the same day reaching hundreds of thousands of interactions.

Many notable musicians, in particular from the Jazz world, participated including: Antonio Sanchez, Ari Hoenig, Benny Golson, Kenny Werner, Aaron Parks, Dena DeRose, Siena Jazz, Giovanni Falzone, Paolo Fresu and many others.

A database of those videos can be seen here:

Videos can be prepared at any time before the date. This is the link for the event on Facebook:

The idea is occupy the virtual communal spaces online, as a physical place would be filled. In that space, rather than yelling, we are spreading our message with music.

We from the M4CA believe the concerned musician communities of the world can and should speak out about the inaction with regards to the Climate Crisis in solidarity. We are asking your participation, and input for other possibile actions, if you also feel there is a role for us to play in helping safeguard the future.

Best regards,

The volunteers of Musicians for Climate Action


Climate Action: Music as a Driver for Change

The European Forum on Music (EFM) will take place from Thursday, 4 June until Sunday, 7 June 2020 in Bonn/Germany. The EFM will come to Germany for the first time in 2020 in the framework of the Beethoven Anniversary.


"Climate Action: Music as a Driver for Change”, will focus on the connection between music and ecological sustainability. Representatives of European music organisations will gather to discuss with policy makers and environmental experts how music activities can contribute to the protection of our environment. Not only a more eco-friendly behaviour within the music world shall be at stake, but also how music can help raising the awareness for the need of climate action in general and how the music sector can support activists in their efforts to put the issues on the highest level of the political agendas. As part of the Pastoral Project (led by the Beethoven 2020 society) many artists will perform Beethoven’s 6th Symphony live and stand up for nature, sustainability and environmental protection. Meetings will take place in the Gustav-Stresemann-Institute in Bonn.

The New Immigrant Experience: Celebrating diversity in jazz through activism

Felipe Salles in his presentation will talk about activism and bringing your personal cultural experience into the art form that is jazz today. He combined a documentary film and original music for large jazz ensemble in a live performance setting.

Here is a clip from the live performance of the work:

The Lullaby Project EPK



1994 IASJ Jazz Meeting

Group Photo

Host School Coordinator Martin Mueller is surrounded by most all of the participants of the 1994 IASJ Jazz Meeting in New York. Concerts were in Bryant Park as part of the JVC Festival, in the UN Headquarters Building, in Visiones and other jazz clubs in town.

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